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Pink geometric wallpaper - Today

Geometric Wallpaper: Today

This week, I learned how to prepare those cool geometric backgrounds that I love (hurray for youtube tutorials!), so I made one to share here with you. I’m warning you: it’s Pink. Here’s also...

Desktop wallpaper 1920 x 1080 "Think positive, work with optimism, hope for the best!"

Think Positive Wallpaper

Since inspirational reminders never hurt, here is a fresh and tangy wallpaper for you! It’s chuck full of the beautiful aqua I’m loving so much these days, and it will deliver optimism and energy...

Every morning is a fresh chance to start again - Desktop wallpaper

Beach Sunrise Inspiration Wallpaper for Desktop and smartphone

We’re currently enjoying the charming part of autumn, here in Canada. The trees have heated up to reds and golds, the grass is lush and sprinkled with yellow leaves landed from towering giants. The sky...